Wednesday, January 26, 2005

US on the decline as a world power, China Loses Faith in Dollar

Economist: China Loses Faith in Dollar: "China Has Lost Faith in Stability of U.S. Dollar, Top Chinese Economist Says at World Forum "

As most of you know the united states is not mentioned in the last days. The united states then must decline and cease from being a world power. The EU in Europe will be come the ten toes in Daniels vision and rule the world. China will soon become a world leader as well since they are the ones to launch a 200 million man army against the antichrist in battle called Armageddon. China is turning to the euro-dollar as its standard. With the high US deficit and other nations abandoning the dollar, the US will have to raise interest rates. This could lead to the decline of the US economy. My take on the matter is that the US sees some terrible calamities and then the rapture of the church occurs. This will take a (hopefully) large portion of the US population out. The "left" will be left to rule the united states. I think it might be possible that the US will meet the judgment described in Revelations 18. It may not be though. Opinions vary.

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