Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Next to the last Pope elected according to catholic prophecy

List One News Item: "In his column, Lindsey points out that the pope who takes office after Benedict XVI will be, according to Malachy's prophecy, the final pope before Rome is destroyed. "Whatever inspired St. Malachy's predictions, they continue to be right on," Lindsey told WND. "The pope's impact will be very great in setting up the world for the coming Antichrist."

Lindsey told Joseph Farah on his nationally syndicated radio show today: " If St. Malachy is right, the glory of the olive will be imprinted on what he [the new pope] does, and secondly, he won't live very long – because we're at an advanced stage in Bible prophecy, so he couldn't live very long. We have to go to the last pope very soon in order to stay current with this prophetic scenario that's already in place."

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