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The muslim Messiah predicted, aka the antichrist?

Posted 01/25/06
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If you have followed our ministry since the early 1990s, you are aware of the teaching of the coming Islamic Mahdi. According to the Shiite branch of the Islamic religion the 12th Imam disappeared as a child in A.D. 941.
Most Shiites believe he has been supernaturally preserved somewhere in the Middle East , either in Saudi Arabia or Iraq , and will re-emerge at the end of days.
They contend that he will unite the Islamic world in the end of days, and three things will happen:
He will lead an Islamic revival in which the Jews will be destroyed.
Christians will forsake their belief in the Trinity.
And Christians will acknowledge that Jesus is not the Son of God.
For centuries this Islamic tradition was whispered, mostly among the faithful, in the area of the Middle East . Since the re-establishment of the modern nation of Israel , however, the belief and teaching about the importance of the Mahdi is stronger than at any other time in modern history.
Bringing Back the Mahdi
Currently leading this revival of interest in the Mahdi is the new president of Iran , Mahmoud Ahamdinejad. This fanatical Muslim leader sees himself on a mission from Allah to “pave the path for the glorious reappearance of the Imam Mahdi.”
He is telling people in Iran to prepare for the coming of the Mahdi by turning Iran into a mighty, advanced Islamic society, and by avoiding the corruption and excesses of the West.
Ahamdinejad has restored the concept of the Hidden Imam as the central truth of Iran ’s political, cultural, economic and social life. He emphasizes the theme that the return of the Shiite messiah, the Mahdi, is not far off and Muslims must prepare for it!
Recently, the new president made very controversial statements that Israel should be wiped out, the Jews should return to Europe and the Holocaust was a myth.
The most disturbing rhetoric is his obsession with nuclear arms. The intelligence community is certain the Iranians want nuclear weapons, and would use them against Israel and the United states the moment they know they can.
A Nuclear Islam?
This pre-occupation with the Mahdi has the West concerned that a nuclear-armed Islamic republic could trigger a global nuclear conflict if they think it will help bring about the Islamic expectations of the end of the world!
The Mahdi is expected by some traditions to lead a war between the East and the West, in which the West will be defeated and the East will rise under the leadership of this Islamic savior.
Ahamadinejad claims he has secretly met with the future Mahdi. Sources in Iran say that he has written and signed a pact with the Hidden Imam and has asked all his officials to do so. He also claims that the Mahdi told him in a dream to destroy Israel and make plans to attack America .
The most stunning statement was when whose closest to the new president say they expect the Mahdi to appear within the next two years!
For those who have followed our prophetic teaching, I have been informing believers for years how the expectations of this Mahdi fit eerily with the prophecies concerning the final world dictator who will control the world for 42 months. He is known as the Antichrist.
I have written about this in detail in my book, Unleashing the Beast. If you have not read it, this would be a great time to be informed and follow what is now happening. This year appears to be headed for another interesting one!
Also, please note the NEW prophecy CD, Ariel Sharon ( Israel ) and the Iranian Nuclear Threat , available at this time! This is a very timely updated message that I would like for you to hear. It does contain some special “inside” information.

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