Monday, April 30, 2007

The quick version, Mostly Pictures

The Bible predicts that Rome (Europe) will come back in the last days.

The European Union made their chief military office with "EU recommendation #666"

I had to look that one up before I could believe it.

The Bible predicts as a symbol a woman on a (scarlet Beast)

The Eu headquarters has a picture of a woman on three red beasts in the air with people looking up her in awe.

The European Union Signed their constitution on the same hill that ruled Rome for thousands of years.

Speaking of a woman on a beast this
is the EUs other stuff: Stamps, money, statues etc.

OK next it talks about this last empire being likened to Babylon, which the Bible uses to symbolize mankind's rule over the earth. So that being said here is a old masters picture of the tower of Babylon. Then here is the official EU poster, it says Europe many tongues one voice.

Then they build their parliament building to look like a unfinished tower. It has the picture of the lady on the red beasts in the sky in it.
Just Coincidence? Ya right...

The prophet Daniel predicted all the leading nations of the earth in a vision of a metal image. All the nations that ruled the earth came true just as described and even the metals were symbolic of the nations. All happened and only one is left. Its the toes and they are made with clay and iron mixed cause some of the nations would be strong and some weak and they would not mix together well. Just like the EU today. It would end in ten toes. During the "toes" Jesus would come back and hit the toes , the image would fall and Jesus would rule the world. We are in the toes now. (pictures below if you want to see them)

The Anti-Christ will make everyone take a mark in the hand or forehead in order to buy or sell.
to take the mark it means "insert" in the Greek.

The world will see two prophets get killed and then get raised up, it says that people all over the world will see it. This is only now really possible with stuff like video cell phones and television.

It also said this would all happen when "knowledge would be increased and people would go to and fro about the earth with great ease." This has only happened in the last 100 years.
Also about the timing,

Jesus said that the generation that saw Israel become a nation would not go away until he came back. That happened in 1948 in May.

They will have to rebuild the temple in Israel. They all ready have the plans and they have made the gold stuff for it costing millions of dollars. They will need red heiffers that are perfect for temple sacrifices. During all the temple ages their were only 9 of these. On the earth now their are 3 which is really amazing.

They re-instated the council that tried Jesus the Sanhedrin after 1600 years. They need them for the temple.

They will rebuild the temple right after the Russian Iranian invasion of Israel.

Can anyone see in the news how that might happen?
Almost all the Arab nations come but Iraq is left out. Most all of the Arab and Russian forces will be wiped out.They will then burn the weapons of warfare for 7 years. The Russians who supply most of the armor use a laminated wood for armor which burns under intense heat and is a excellent fuel source.

When the invading troops die their eyes melt in their sockets and interestingly no one will touch the bodies. They will put flags there and walk away and professionals will come and pick them up. Israel has the neutron bomb tech which can be used in short nuclear pulses of a few miles radius. It kills all living things but will leave the vehicles. The bodies though would be radio active and need professional cleaning up.

Their is a youtube video below if your interested.

God said as a test to see if he was the real God was to see if he told you the end from the beginning. He said let the other guys do that. If you look into prophecy you will find out it comes true just like he said, no one comes even close to having a record like God.

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